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Area development

Island Construction in Manila: Forensic Planning following Claims

In the ambitious and pioneering project of the construction of two islands in Manila Bay, Pasay Harbor Reclamation Phase 1, executed by Jan De Nul, I was engaged as a Forensic Scheduler. This project, which meant the transformation of the landscape, had its challenges. The role of a Forensic Scheduler is crucial in such extensive construction projects, especially when delays occur that can lead to claim situations.

Wesley van der Burg (founder @ Baeken) contributed to this project before the establishment of Baeken, employed by Primaned projectadvies, part of Eiffel Projects.

In-depth analysis

As a Forensic Scheduler, I dive deep into planning and delay documentation. I identify inconsistencies and problems, and build a document that reliably highlights the causes of delays. For this specific project, I discovered deficiencies in the Baseline Program, progress updates, and inconsistencies with other contract documents. These insights helped me shape improved planning, which served as a foundation for subsequent progress updates and rigorous analysis of the project.

Navigate Accurately

My in-depth forensic analysis resulted in a comprehensive report that detailed the various delays and their consequences. This report laid the foundation for handling the claim situation. The approach to such complex projects is always methodical, detailed and with an eye for precision. We strive to support our customers in overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals, which is evident in the Pasay Harbor Reclamation project.

Wesley - Founder and Project Controls Consultant

Detailed, precise and strategic

“At Baeken, our mission is to work in detail, precision and strategically. The Pasay Harbor Reclamation project is an example of how we can put these principles into practice for you, ensuring successful project outcomes despite challenges.”