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At Baeken we understand that in a complex and dynamic project environment, effective project controls is the key to successful projects. It goes beyond just managing costs, time and quality. It is all about providing insight into the impact of choices, managing risks and managing results. At Baeken we have translated this vision into a unique range of services, designed to make a maximum contribution to your project.

Project Controls

Below, you can explore our specialized services that collectively form an integrated approach to project controls. Each of these disciplines is characterized by a combination of proven methods and innovative techniques, led by professionals with a passion for their field.


In the world of project controls, data is the lifeline that connects us to the reality of the project. Data tells the story of the project, detailing its successes and challenges, and forms the basis for our decision-making. At Baeken, we understand the power of data and how to effectively leverage it to steer your projects.


Explore below how our specialized data analysis services can support and strengthen your project management. Our team of data analysis experts is ready to transform your project information into strategic insights.

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Baeken offers challenging career opportunities for project control consultants at junior, mid-level, and senior positions. Explore our job openings and learn more about our company culture, values, and growth opportunities.