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Consultant Project Controls at Kite Pharma (Kropman)

The construction of a new production facility for cancer cell therapy in Hoofddorp is a monumental project with Kropman Installatietechniek as main contractor. This facility is essential for strengthening capacity for the production of cancer cell therapies. This facility marks a crucial step in the treatment of cancer patients and the ongoing fight against this debilitating disease.

Wesley van der Burg (founder @ Baeken) contributed to this project before the establishment of Baeken, employed by Primaned projectadvies part of Eiffel Projects.

Crucial corrections

Wesley’s role in the Kite Pharma project was indispensable. After an initial rejection of the time model by the consumer, Wesley was called in to carry our an overhaul. He ensured that the updated timing model not only met contractual requirements, but also included a thorough critical path analysis. In addition, Wesley continued to support the project by monitoring, reporting and steering the timing model, and improved the process for handling customer change proposals.

Identifying and anticipating risks

Wesley’s experise in project controls proved crucial for a successfull revision of the timing model and smooth progress of this vital project. His approach and knowledge played a central role in driving a project that not only serves business interests, but also has a meaningful impact on cancer treatment.

Wesley - Founder and Project Controls Consultant

Working every day to make the world a better place

“The complexity of projects like the Kite Pharma facility requires precision, expertise and a deep understanding of both technical and human factors. At Baeken, too, we combine these elements to realize projects with real social value.”