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Area development

Tunnel Construction as Art: Connecting and Visualizing between Denmark and Germany

In the FehmarnBelt Contractors Project, led by Van Oord/Boskalis, the challenge is to realize the world’s longest road and rail tunnel over the seabed. This astonishing technical achievement will directly connect the Danish Island of Lolland to the German Island of Fehmarn. This venture will not only significantly reduce travel time but also open a new chapter in the transport and cooperation history between Denmark and Germany.

Wesley van der Burg (founder @ Baeken) contributed to this project before the establishment of Baeken, employed by Primaned projectadvies, part of Eiffel Projects.

Innovative Planning

Wesley was involved on board this groundbreaking project during the project phase after the successful tender. His contribution focused on developing and advanced planning management plan, which resulted in extensive integration of processes with other management plans. As team leader, Wesley not only oversaw the development of the project time model but also laid the foundations for an effective information management process. The result? A complete synchronization of time data, object data, quality information, risks and financial data. His vision expanded further by creating a 4D model, which provided daily insight into construction progress.

Shaping the Future

Wesley’s experise and innovative approach allowed the team to focus on what really mattered: shaping the future of transportation between two nations. By using the latest technologies and meticulous planning, Wesley has helped to successfully deliver a project that will change the way we travel in the region. At Baeken we are also committed to delivering exceptional project management. This project is a good example of that.

Wesley - Founder and Project Controls Consultant

With careful planning you can make the most innovative projects successful

“The FehmarnBelt project is a testament of how innovation and careful planning go hand in hand. At Baeken, we strive to push boundaries and provide solutions that shape the future.”