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Energy transition

Wesley helps as a Risk Management Consultant at GasUnie

As a Risk Manager Consultant for GasUnie, I am actively involved in a groundbreaking project for Offshore Hydrogen. This innovative project involves the development of a hydrogen transport system that will transport the product from electrolysis stations at wind farms in the North Sea to the mainland. This project is crucial for the Netherlands’ ambition to be climate neutral by 2050.

Risk management processes

Within this complex and versatile project, I focus on setting up a risk management process. My role is vital in ensuring a clear overview of risk profiles when making every decision. This concern impactful decisions that are currently being made in the assessment phase of the project.

The assessment phase is a crucial time in any project. It is the phase where most impactful decisions are made, and the project is given the direction it will take in the future. My work ensures that we fully understand the potential risks associated with every decision, so we can make informed choices with full knowledge of the possible outcomes.

Managing risks as the basis of successful project management

At Baeken we work according to the philosophy that anticipating and managing risks is an essential part of successful project management. This is especially true for a project of this size and significance. With our extensive expertise in risk management, we ensure that we understand every aspect of the project so that we can anticipate and address any challenges effectively.

Wesley - Founder and Project Controls Consultant

We are at our best in complex projects.

This project for Offshore Hydrogen is great example of how we, at Baeken, navigate complex projects with attention to every detail. Our approach and commitment ensure that we can support our clients in achieving their goals and realizing their vision.