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Clint as Project Controls Consultant for Alséén

The ‘ALSÉÉN’ project for the expansion of the A27, a collaboration between Ballast Nedam and Fluor Infrastructure, in a two-phase contract is a crucial initiative that will not only improve traffic flow, but will also eliminate the current third place in the traffic jam top 10. This ambitious project by Rijkswaterstaat includes the improvement of 40 kilometers of highway between Everdingen and Hooipolder, and promises significant changes for daily traffic.

Manage large infrastructure projects with precise Project Controls

As Project Controls Consultant within Baeken for ALSÉÉN, I am responsible for ensuring project management within this extensive project, which has a direct impact on the mobility and infrastructure of the Netherlands. With the widening of the A27, the replacement of the Merwede Bridge and Keizersveer Bridge and the addition of rush-hour lanes, we are faces with a complex logistical and financial challenge. This is made even more challenging by the phased approach to construction, in which we strive for minimal disruption to traffic.

With our approach, we set a new standard for how large infrastructure projects can be executed with a collaboration that prioritizes transparency and precision, while at the same time working towards a future where mobility is a given.

Innovation and sustainabilty

The project includes the renovation of 50 works of art and the installation of 615 traffic signs made of sustainable rice husk, demonstrating that innovation and sustainability are core parts of our working method. My role in the cost control department ensures that these complex and multiple tasks are closely monitored and adjusted, with finanical monitoring posts and cost structures analyzed and reported to ensure efficient execution and cost control.

Clint - Project Controls Consultant

Working together towards a more sustainable Netherlands

When you think of sustainable projects, you don’t often think of road construction, but with this project it is clear how much can be gained by better planning and controlling a project, but also by working with 2-phase contracts, openness and transparency between client and contractor. Making choices together with open books that are ‘best for project’ gives me energy.