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schedule 14 August 2023
person Wilco Kievit

The Baeken Training Program

Kickstart your career

At Baeken we understand that the key to successful project management lies in the combination of technical expertise, strategic insight, and empathetic collaboration. That is why we have developed an intensive two-month training program aimed at training the next generation of Project Controls Consultants.

What are we working on?

Your competences!

The training program is designed to develop the following core competences:

  1. Technical Skills: Participants will become familiar with advanced planning and risk management tools. This includes not only using the tools, but also understanding the underlying principles that allow them to manage projects efficiently.
  2. Analytical Skills: The ability to analyze and present complex information is crucial in project management. Participants learn how to convert raw data into actionable insights and how to communicate these insights to different stakeholders.
  3. Theoretical Knowledge: An in-depth understanding of all project management fields, including management techniquesm is essential. Participants will learn how to make complex projects run more efficiently and how they can help save failure costs.
  4. Soft Skills: Success in project management is not just about technical proficiency; it is also about the ability to work effectively in a team and to involve others in the process. This part of the program focuses on developing these essential human skills.

How We Teach

At Baeken, we believe that learning is most effective when it is approached from different angles. That is why we have developed a varied approach to educate participants in the different aspects of project management:

  1. Explanation: Our project controls experts provide detailed explanations and insights into the theory behind planning, risk management, analysis, management techniques and soft skills. This foundation of knowledge is essential for understanding the complex dynamics of project management.
  2. Examples: We use real-world examples to bring the theory to life. By demonstrating how concepts are applied to real projects, participants can see the practical value of what they learn.
  3. Practice-oriented Assignments: The participants are given the opportunity to work on assignments that are based on practice. This allows them to apply the skills thay have learned in a controlled environment, where they can experiment and learn from their mistakes.
  4. Interactive Workshops: Through workshops and group activities, participants work together to solve problems and plan projects. This not only improves their technical skills but also helps develop teamwork and communication.
  5. Soft Skills Training: Special sessions are dedicated to developing soft skills such as collaboration, leadership and communication. This includes both theoretical discussions and practical exercises to strenghten these essential skills.

This combined approach ensures that participants not only acquire the knowledge they need, but also the practical skills to apply that knowledge. It is a holistic approach to education that prepares then to participate in real-world projects with confidence and competence.

Guidance and Application

After completing the training program, each participant will have the opportunity to apply the newly acquired skills in a real project. Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, you will receive intensive guidance during the first 6 months. But the training process does not stop after 2 months; at Baeken we always invest in development. Knowledge sessions are held regularly, and advanced modules are offered after some practical experience. This ensures a smooth transition from theory to practice and provides a safe and continuously evolving environment in which to learn and grow.


The Baeken training program is more than just training; it is an investment in the future of project management and an ongiong commitment to professional growth. Through a holistic approach to technical, analytical, and social skills, the program prepares individuals to make an impactful contribution to complex projects. With the support of experienced professionals, a focus on continuous growth, and a culture of continuous knowledge sharing and development, the Baeken training program is the ideal springboard for anyone who aspires to a career in project management.

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